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    Miasto Ustroń
    Miasto Ustroń
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    Gmina Goleszów
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About B160nR

Aktualności » About B160nR

Beskidzka 160 na Raty is a race which traditionally takes place in spring and in autumn. Every time the runners can choose between 3 distances: 

Spring Edition: 100km  (+5000m)
                       50km (+2500m)
                       25km (+950m)
Autumn Edition: 63km (+5000 m)
                        42km (+3500 m) 
                        21km (+2000m)
The competition is organised in the Silesian Beskids and there are the following starting points:
Spring Edition: Goleszów, a city situated close to Ustroń.
Autumn Edition: Ustroń Polana
In this race the runners compete on 21km loop in the Czantoria Massif, the actual starting point is the ski lift bottom station and the finishing line is the ski lift upper station
Last year in spring over 140 runners signed up and in autumn even more people showed their interest - there were over 250 participants. Every year our running event generates more interest and gains more popularity. This year we will organise the competition for the fourth time on 9th April and 21st November. 
Please check all information on our website or visit our Facebook profile.