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Salamandra UT » Regulamin » Equipment


Each runner is obliged to hold the obligatory equipment throughout the entire run. Observance of this requirement may be checked during the run. Any case of the obligatory equipment missing shall result in penalty minutes (10 minutes per each missing item) or disqualification of the runner.

Equipment obligatory for the marathon and ultra runs and recommended for the other distance runs:

  • start number (mounted in the front so that it is visible and readable throughout the entire time),
  • mobile phone being switched on with battery to hold for at least 10+ hours (roaming activated) with the emergency phone number and the phone number to the organizers noted,
  • identity card or passport (country border controls possible - the runs will be held in the frontier zone and the route will cross the border of Poland on several occasions),
  • emergency blanket / NRC foil,
  • backpack, running belt or adequate clothing that allows to carry the obligatory equipment,
  • water bladder or water bottle/bottles with total capacity of at least 1 litre,
  • torch or headlamp in the marathon and ultra runs,
  • at least PLN 20 in cash,
  • reusable foldable cup (or other kind) or a water bottle,
  • reflection elements for greater visibility.

Recommended equipment:

  • clothing addressing the existing weather conditions,
  • Silesian Beskid (Beskid Śląski) map - the map supplied by the organizer shall be used only for general demonstration purposes and holds limited number of details,
  • waterproof jacket (regardless the weather conditions expected),
  • torch or headlamp in the 25 km run (spring edition) or 21 km run (autumn edition),
  • personal first aid kit.